Chabad House in Dubrovnik


During summer 2018. Chabad House in Dubrovnik will be closed. For all information please contact rabbi Pini Zaklas (+385 98 9747 966 or 

For Shabat evening  (Friday evening) time look at the table above. The time variates +/- 10 minutes for Dubrovnik area.

For daily prayers we use a smaller place in the old city of Dubrovnik. For Shabbat we rent a space at Hilton Hotel in Dubrovnik. Every Shabbat we also organize a dinner and lunch (next day). The prayers on Friday start according time schedule in table above, and on Saturday morning at 9:30 hours.

For more information please contact us on cell: +385 98 9978116.

If you want to organize a trip to Croatia, we recommend using Funtours travel agency (in Israel). Here is a short information about the agency:

“Funtours travel agency has a strong and deep bond with Croatia and with the Rabbi Pini. The experience that we have obtained during the years gives us the edge to give you professional and direct services with our travel partners in Croatia. We have the know how to ensure that you can buy kosher meals, stay in accommodation near a Synagogue in the Jewish Community. As we have direct contact with the Jewish Community in Croatia, we can provide you with all the information that you will need to make your arrival more comfortable and with peace of mind. We can also provide you with tourist information on Croatia and Slovenia together for your whole family.

Funtours is a travel agency that is situated in the North of Israel. We have several branches, to include one in California and one in Serbia. We have a very professional and dedicated team of travel professionals that will be able to help you with all your enquiries. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly on 972503720424.”

Manager: Tuval David

Tel: 97248708444

Fax: 97248732999



Skype: funtours5848


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